August 11, 2017

Watch: What Soderbergh Does to Give Color the Power of Transformation

For a filmmaker who has worked in almost every genre, Steven Soderbergh tends to favor one approach to color. This video breaks it down.

Steven Soderbergh is a chameleon who’s able to turn out big-budget studio fare and experimental low-budget one-offs with equal skill. When you also consider the fact that he frequently acts as his own DP (under the pseudonym “Peter Andrews”), it shouldn’t be surprising that Soderbergh is a director for whom color as a cinematic property is a big deal.

This video from Fandor breaks down just how the director uses hues in his various films.

Soderbergh is a director who employs “striking, strong color casts, with the whole frame often saturated with one particular hue.” He lives within families of colors and does so for different reasons.

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Source: NoFilmSchool