August 4, 2017

Live in LA and Need a Place to Write? Apply for This Free Fellowship

Coffee shops were not designed with writers in mind, but theOffice was.

Are you a writer living in LA who needs to get out of the house to write but is tired of trying to find a table at the local coffee shop? TheOffice is now seeking submissions for its free six-month fellowship until August 8, 2017.

TheOffice is a members-only, quiet, communal workspace for writers featuring 26 workspaces with Aeron chairs, plus complimentary coffee, tea, wifi, and Bose headphones. The free six-month fellowship is the equivalent of a Premium Membership, which offers private door code access to theOffice 24/7. So if the muse strikes at 3 AM on Thursday, theOffice is available to you.

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Source: NoFilmSchool