July 29, 2017

Watch This Epically Unfair Battle Between a $50 Camcorder and a $50K Cinema Camera

This camera comparison video is totally unfair, but it does teach us a little about why expensive cinema cameras cost so damn much.

Usually when you watch cameras battle it out in a comparison video, you’re looking to see which one has the best image quality, color, and dynamic range. However, the team over at Corridor Digital put two contenders in the ring, a $50 Sony Handicam and a $50,000 RED Epic Dragon cinema camera, knowing full well that one would utterly clobber the other, but also knowing that such a drastic difference in image quality could teach us all about why the cost of pro-level cinema cameras is so high.

Okay, the Dragon is better than the Handicam. (Where’s my award for excellence in cinematic journalism?) That’s obvious, but that’s kind of the point of the entire video. It’s not about figuring out which camera performs better, it’s about figuring out where cinema cameras out-perform consumer/prosumer cameras specifically and explaining why they do.

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Source: NoFilmSchool