July 28, 2017

Watch: This Simple Exercise Will Make You a Better Director

All you have to do is watch a bunch of movies.

There’s no easier way to learn how to make a movie than by watching a bunch of movies. The trick is not to be a passive audience member. As you watch, look to deconstruct the film in as many ways as you possibly can. In breaking down the most minute details (such as editing, framing, types of shots etc.), the intentions behind a director’s choices grow more and more evident.

If we’re trying to learn from the best, then there’s no better entry point than through a combination of The Nerdwriter and Paul Thomas Anderson. in the video below, today’s premiere video essayist takes us through a simple film analyzation exercise that he likes to employ when watching movies. Let’s call it the “Count The Shots Method.”

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Source: NoFilmSchool