July 15, 2017

Watch: 12 Trademarks You'll See in Pretty Much Every Christopher Nolan Film

Though Christopher Nolan has a pretty diverse filmography, there’s a handful of signature characteristics in each of his films that remind you of his unique brand of filmmaking.

Whether he’s filming neo-noirs, sci-fi adventures, or superhero flicks, Christopher Nolan has a way of infusing his unique flavor of cerebral cinema, complete with bleakness, complicated intellectual acrobatics, and total mind-f**kery. And while most fans know about Nolan’s penchant for putting audiences through the metaphysical gauntlet (and then laughing maniacally while he watches them try to make sense of everything), what are some of the Oscar-nominee’s other cinematic trademarks? ScreenPrism explores twelve of them in the video below:

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Source: NoFilmSchool