July 9, 2017

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Score: Stream Michael Giacchino’s Latest Soundtrack

Spider-Man: Homecoming” appears to be the return to form that fans have been longing for, as the friendly neighborhood superhero movie has opened to favorable reviews and beaucoup bucks at the box office. Amid the praise for star Tom Holland and the diverse ensemble around him, warm words have also been reserved for composer Michael Giacchino. His score is now available on Spotify; stream it here.

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Featuring such punny titles as “No Vault of His Own,” “Pop Vulture” and “A Stark Contrast,” the OST consists of 22 tracks. Giacchino, who’s won an Emmy for his work on “Lost” and an Academy Award and Golden Globe for “Up,” has also composed the scores for such films as “Rogue One,” “Let Me In,” “Jurassic World,” “Doctor Strange” and “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

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Here’s the tracklist:

  1. “Theme From Spider Man (Original Television Series)”
  2. “The World is Changing”
  3. “Academic Decommitment”
  4. “High Tech Heist”
  5. “On a Ned-to-Know Basis”
  6. “Drag Racing / An Old Van Rundown”
  7. “Webbed Surveillance”
  8. “No Vault of His Own”
  9. “Monumental Meltdown”
  10. “The Baby Monitor Protocol”
  11. “A Boatload of Trouble Part 1”
  12. “A Boatload of Trouble Part 2”
  13. “Ferry Dust Up”
  14. “Stark Raving Mad”
  15. “Pop Vulture”
  16. “Bussed a Move”
  17. “Lift Off”
  18. “Fly-By-Night Operation”
  19. “Vulture Clash”
  20. “A Stark Contrast”
  21. “No Frills Proto COOL!”
  22. “Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite”

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Source: IndieWire film