July 1, 2017

Watch: The Paintings That Inspired David Lynch's Cinematic Style and Philosophy

David Lynch’s great love of art shows in his very peculiar mundane/macabre cinematic visual style.

Watching a David Lynch film is kind of like walking through an art gallery while on LSD. One one hand it’s beautiful, artistic, even slightly boring, but on the other it’s utterly macabre, so incredibly out there, and so peculiar that the unfamiliarity of the scene seems almost nostalgic. It makes one think, “What kind of man thinks up these kinds of scenarios?” Well, although Lynch is definitely a unique breed of filmmaker, he’s not without his teachers, and in this video essay by Menno Kooistra for VoorDeFilm, we get to take a look at the famous painters that inspired the director to create his bizarre brand and cinema. Check it out below:

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Source: NoFilmSchool