June 10, 2017

Who Takes Better Images: A Pro with Amateur Gear or an Amateur with Pro Gear?

Which is the biggest contributor to great images: the creator or the gear?

As filmmakers, we’ve all had many negative experiences dealing with gear, but perhaps one of the more frustrating is feeling like your gear is holding you back from creating better work. Maybe you’re still dinking around with your Canon Rebel or low-level Nikon D series model, all with a kit lens, thinking, “I can create so much better content than this!” And you’d be right, but for the wrong reasons, because who’s really responsible for subpar work, your gear or you?

In this video, Mango Street Labs sees what happens when you give two professional photographers some “amateur” gear, a $300 Canon Rebel T3i (which is now discontinued), and an amateur photographer a “pro-level” $3500 Canon 5D Mark IV

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Source: NoFilmSchool