June 10, 2017

Watch: How This Gatorade Ad Brought Water to Life Without a Drop of CGI

Using a “liquid printer” and strobe photography, this Gatorade ad is definitely one of the coolest videos you’ll see this week.

Sometimes a video comes along that reminds you of how infinitely creative human beings can be. The G Active ad for Gatorade is one of them. It has been making its rounds all over the interwebz, but just in case you’ve been on a tech fast for the last month, this video features what is essentially a human made of water droplets doing a bunch of athletic stuff, like running, jumping, and kicking a heavy bag. Sounds cool, right? The coolest thing, though, is that it was all done without CGI. Check out the ad below, and then continue on to find out how it was done.

Now, who is the genius (or geniuses) behind this incredible ad? UK-based production company Unit9 called upon DP James Medcraft to lens this thing, as well as come up with an innovative way to bring this water-droplet athlete to life.

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Source: NoFilmSchool