May 7, 2017

James Gunn Shares a Message of Gratitude with ‘Guardians’ Fans: ‘We Are All Groot’

Now that “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” is in theaters and dominating the box office in much the same manner as its predecessor, James Gunn is feeling thankful. The writer/director took to Facebook to share his gratitude for all the “heartbroken misfits” who, like him, take joy and comfort in pop culture.

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“When I was young I felt utterly alone, at times to the point of suicidal thoughts. I never felt like I belonged, had an incredibly difficult time connecting to other people and, despite having love around me, I had an impossible time experiencing it, or taking it in,” he writes.

“But I found my respite in popular entertainment – Marvel comics, science fiction and horror films, the music of The Sex Pistols, The Replacements, and Queen,” Gunn continues. “Suddenly I could see past the bland suburbs where I lived into a more magical world, a world more aligned with what I imagined.

“Sometimes these works were simply escapist fantasies that distracted me from the difficulties of my internal life. But other times, in the strongest moments – maybe through the words of Alice Cooper or Freddie Mercury, through Cronenberg films, or even in Chewbacca’s growl, I experienced something deeper – the realization that I wasn’t completely alone. Someone out there was as weird and strange and whacked out as I was.”

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All of this is in response to the success of “Guardians,” which the filmmaker says can be distracting to the point of making him lose sight of what really matters. It’s in that spirit that he’s taken the time to thank fans, including a message of solidarity apropos of his film: “We are Groot.” Read the full post here.

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Source: IndieWire film