May 6, 2017

Watch: 10 Ways to Create Different Moods with Lighting

With the right approach, you can immediately alter the mood of a scene from happy to horrifying simply by changing the lighting.

Lighting is a powerful tool. It not only makes images look more cinematic and beautiful, but it also elicits emotions in audiences depending on its design. In this intriguing video from The Lighting Channel, we get to see how drastically a mood can change simply by changing the placement of a light or adding a colored gel. Check it out below:

These lighting setups, though they’re extremely popular, can be a little difficult to get right. It’s important to know what kind of lights and modifiers to use to, say, soften the look of a subject to get that angelic look, or create dramatic shadows to turn that same subject into a machete-wielding maniac for your horror film.

Luckily, The Lighting Channel has provided an explanation on how they achieved each look in the video’s description:

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Source: NoFilmSchool