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    This Month’s 18 Best Gifographics Inspiration

    May 5, 2017

May 5, 2017

This Month’s 18 Best Gifographics Inspiration

If you’re not familiar with them yet, gifographics, or infogifs, are the upgraded version of the infographic. Infographs have long been the visual content standard used by marketers and content creators alike, but the gifographic adds a little bit more to the classic graphic visual.

Gifographics are perfect for mobile displays and produce a more interactive and engaging experience than the traditional infographic. Like the name suggests, gifographics are infographics with the moving parts of a GIF. Similar to infographs, they present viewers with a wide range of information in a minimal amount of space but with the inclusion of animated components. This addition leads to greater engagement with viewers, making it an extremely effective form of visual content.

Take a look at these beautiful examples of gifographics we’ve rounded up below to see why they’ve become so popular:

1. The Cost Of Being The Ultimate Harry Potter Fan by MoneySuperMarket

This is a perfect example of how gifographics can be more engaging.There is a great deal of information provided without being cluttered and the subtle animations of the various aspects on this infogif is enough to catch the eye without being overwhelming.

Gifographics: The Cost Of Being The Ultimate Harry Potter Fan

2. How To Build A Human by Eleanor Lutz

The continuous animation of the spiral is striking and helps to make the process more understandable. The GIF essentially speaks for itself and is a perfect visual representation of the information provided.

Gifographics: How To Build A Human

3. How To Win The Content Marketing Game by kapost and Salesforce

This gifographic incorporates animated parts to produce an 8-bit “game” feel, tying together the title and the visual design. This makes the infogif more compelling and playful while still being able to express the important information provided.

Gifographics: How To Win The Content Marketing Game

4. How Google Works by Quicksprout

The animated details perfectly bring to life the visual representations of the information on this gifographic to help readers understand all of the data. This type of GIF use is an excellent example of using images and animations to speak for the material.

Gifographics: How Google Works

5. Virtual Reality: A Fresh Perspective For Marketers by Column Five

This gifographic uses animation to call attention to important aspects of the content. The subtle GIF details make it refreshing and lively without detracting from the ample amount of information presented.

Gifographics: Virtual Reality: A Fresh Perspective For Marketers

6. How To Perform CPR by Carrington

This example uses a step-by-step GIF to explain a process in a small amount of space. Rather than creating a long visual like traditional infographs, the sections are condensed into one frame with each stage of the technique scrolled through on a loop.

Gifographics: How To Perform CPR

7. How To Throw A Perfect Strike With Your Marketing Communications by Wyzowl

This is another excellent example of using animation to tie the visual to the title of the content. The images are playful and illustrate the advice in a way that a cursory readthrough of the infogif would be enough to understand the recommendations given.

Gifographics: How To Throw A Perfect Strike With Your Marketing Communications

8. Three Different Ways To Breathe by Eleanor Lutz

Another beautiful example by Eleanor Lutz, this gifographic utilizes animation to demonstrate the information presented. The GIFs in this particular example show how animation can be used to help explain a concept that can be otherwise difficult to describe with static images and data.

Gifographics: Three Different Ways To Breathe

9. How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings by Quicksprout

The simple animations featured on this infogif prove that sometimes less is more. This example is not inundated with lots of moving parts, but the sections that are are enough to draw attention to the meaningful bits of information.

Gifographics: How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

10. Infographics vs. Gifograhics by SEO Expert Page

If you’re trying to decide what type of visual content would work best for you, this gifographic breaks down the pros and cons of infographics and gifographics. They cleverly leave the images pertaining to infographs static and animate the images referring to gifographs. This is a good example of how the two types of visual content can be merged.

Gifographics: Infographics vs. Gifographics

11. The Author Rank Building Machine by Vertical Measures

This is another example of how a well animated infogif can enhance the information and style and design of a visual. As viewers move through this gifographic, the images and animations build upon each other further highlighting the theme of the visual.

Gifographics: The Author Rank Building Machine

12. The Future Of Infographics by Column Five

The moving parts in this particular gifographic demonstrates the information being presented in the visual. The static components explain the material while the animated elements provide the visual example of the material.

Gifographics: The Future Of Infographics

13. The Science Of Successful Content by Kantar

This particular infogif utilizes the animated elements to make the visual more engaging and interesting. The GIFs are subtle but stimulating enough to make the visual content and accompanying information stand out.

Gifographics: The Science Of Successful Content

14. Innovative Animations by Wyzowl

If you’re looking to get better interaction with your audience, animation is the way to go. This infogif breaks down various animation methods into easy to understand sections with animated images to illustrate the different methods being described. The use of GIFs in this example perfectly spotlight how animation can work to enhance visual content.

Gifographics: Innovative Animations

15. 7 Influencer Marketing Insights You Need To Know Today by gifographics.co

The GIFs in this example make the visual content more visually stimulating and wacky in a way that captivates viewers. The use of the same colors in every animation ties everything together to produce a theme and prevent the visual from being too cluttered and overwhelming.

Gifographics: 7 Influencer Markewting Insights You Need To Know Today

16. The Growth Hacking Model by Evolve!

The very subtle animated aspects of this infogif is a prime example of how even simple animations can make a difference to visual content. There are no complicated moving parts in this example but the slight changes in the images are enough to lead the viewers on a journey through the information.

Gifographics:  The Growth Hacking Model

17. How Wind Turbines Work by Save On Energy

This example makes use of animation to illustrate how a wind turbine works and the benefits of wind farming. The GIFs provide the perfect visual representation and explanation of that various components of a wind turbine to make the information easier to understand.

Gifographics: How Wind Turbines Work

18. Are You Slacking Off? by Column Five

Each of the moving components of this example provide visual representations of the data being presented. With a lot of facts being administered in a small amount of space, the animations help to break up the numbers and create a more interesting atmosphere.

Gifographics: Are You Slacking Off?

Source: Visual News