April 11, 2017

Jim Norton Explains Why He Can’t Internet Date In Exclusive ‘Start Talkin’ With Scott Rogowsky’ Clip — Watch

On the first episode of “Start Talkin’ With Scott Rogowsky,” a pop up talk show that surprises its guests with cameras and a live studio audience, stand-up comedian Scott Rogowsky bravely tries to set up a threesome for a cute and quirky gay couple. Introducing odd-couple Keith and Francois, Rogowsky says, “You guys have a great look together, it’s like Amish Jonah Hill and U-same-sex Bolt over here.”

It feels slightly over-written, but Rogowsky sells the joke and manages to put his guests at ease. It’s a testament to the up-and-coming comedian that he took the risk to open with such an unexpected premise.

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Each episode, Rogowsky will ambush unsuspecting guests with surprise talk show appearances as they search for jobs, apartments, and event threesomes. The eight-episode series features a celebrity looking for a personal assistant, an art gallery owner seeking a date and a chef who needs a no-nonsense bouncer for his new restaurant.

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Along the way, Rogowsky invites well known personalities such as Jim Norton, Vinny Guadagnino, and he is always flanked by his musical accompaniment, former Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds. In Norton’s episode, Rogowsky attempts to find a double date for a busy gallery owner, which leads to a discussion of dating apps. “Google is not my friend. I’ve been way too open in my career. Google has killed any shot I have on the dating apps,” says Norton.

Find out why in the exclusive clip below:



“Start Talkin’ With Scott Rogowsky” premieres on go90 on April 12. 

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Source: IndieWire Digital TV