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    Go On Exciting Adventure With These Time Travel Posters

    April 6, 2017

April 6, 2017

Go On Exciting Adventure With These Time Travel Posters

Everybody loves a good travel poster, especially if they’re for far off destinations that we wish we could visit. These time travel destination posters are no different. The Timescape Series takes you on a visual time traveling journey where you can visit the Jurassic age and roam around with dinosaurs, try your hand at poker in the old wild west,  and even check out Earth’s settlement on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

The posters were designed to look like the vintage travel posters that became popular during the early 20th century. These posters were used to not only advertise travel destinations, but hotels, airlines, and other travel companies used them to visually represent themselves during the “Golden Age of Travel.”

These time travel posters take design cues from the vintage travel posters but incorporate a little technological twist in the way of GIFs. Each poster features bold and vibrant colors giving them a mid-century modern feel that is found in posters from the 50s. They re-romanticize the idea of travel and offer up a playful take on what travel could be like if time traveling were possible.

Check out the posters below:

Jurassic Age

Time Travel Posters: Jurassic Age

“The biggest animals the world has ever known roamed the Earth 150 million years ago. From being trodden underfoot by a Brachiosaurus to being eaten alive by a vicious 40-foot long Allosaurus, danger is everywhere! You’ll want to keep your foot on the gas as you safari through the Jurassic Age.”

Ice Age

Time Travel Posters: Ice Age

“The last Ice Age peaked 21,000 years ago giving every hill and mountain off-piste potential. The land roamed with giants, from the Saber Toothed Tiger to the Woolly Mammoth. So strap on your skis and set your goggles straight, you’re about to witness nature at one of its most extremes.”


Time Travel Posters: Neanderthals

“The Cueva de El Castillo in Spain is home to the oldest known cave paintings in the world. But rather than marvel at today’s remains, why not travel back 41,000 years and take an art class with the Neanderthals? Paint (natural earth pigments) will be provided by your hosts.”

Markets of Pompeii

Time Travel Posters: Markets of Pompeii

“Two thousand years ago, the ‘Marcellum’ of Pompeii was a thriving marketplace. Foodies will love the authentic Roman Empire bustle as your haggle for figs and olives, and hang around for a sacrificial feast in the evening. But be sure to get out of there by 79AD—Mount Vesuvius is about to blow!”

Old Wild West

Time Travel Posters: Old Wild West

“Bannack, Montana at the peak of the gold rush: the quintessential wild west town, complete with saloons, blacksmiths and a corrupt sheriff. You can make it big if you stay lucky in 1860s Bannack—with all those gamblers and bandits, it makes an ideal setting for your Stag or Hen party.”


Time Travel Posters: Atlantis

“Traveling back through time is easy. Finding your way to the lost city of Atlantis is a different cast. If you can figure out where it is, you’ll know for sure when you visit the ivory and gold pillars of the Temple of Poseidon.”


Time Travel Posters: Europa

“Jupiter’s sixth-closest moon has good potential for sustaining life. If NASA’s Human Outer Planets Exploration program takes place in the 2040s as hoped, there could be good infrastructure for space and time tourism by the year 2117. Imagine sipping on your morning tea, watching Jupiter rise over you—spectacular!”

Source: Visual News