April 2, 2017

Watch: How Much Do Continuity Errors Really Matter in a Film?

Editors do their darndest to ensure that there are no errors in continuity, but does it really matter when a few slip through the cracks?

We’ve all seen them, whether it’s Dorothy’s ever-changing hair length in The Wizard of Oz or the already bullet-riddled wall during Pulp Fiction’s “Divine Intervention” scene. Continuity errors are the easter eggs editors unintentionally leave in pretty much every film, but while some find them charming and unobtrusive, others claim these little mistakes are distracting at best and complete film-ruiners at worst.

So, which is it? In this video from Indy Mogul, editor Sven Pape discusses continuity errors, from the effects they have on audiences to what some of the most renowned editors think about them.

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Source: NoFilmSchool