April 2, 2017

‘Shazaam’ Is Real: College Humor ‘Finds’ Long-Lost Sinbad Genie Movie That Doesn’t Actually Exist

If you thought the “Shazaam” phenomenon was over, what with the fleeting nature of the never-ending meme cycle, then you may have mixed feelings about an April Fool’s video released by College Humor yesterday. Presented as two minutes of found footage from the film in question — a nonexistent and vaguely racist conflation of “Kazaam,” in which Shaq plays a genie, and Sinbad’s ’90s oeuvre — the video asserts that “Shazaam” does in fact exist.

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Complete with a faux tracking effect and snippets of a cereal commercial, the video finds two kiddos rifling through boxes in their garage when they happen upon a lamp that’s sure to raise alarm bells in anyone who obsessively watched “Aladdin” as a child. Out pops the eponymous wish-granter, played by the star of “Houseguest” and “First Kid” himself, here to make the dreams of two siblings come true.

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That’s the assumption, at least, as only two minutes of “Shazaam” have been recovered by the sleuths at College Humor and we’re left wondering as to what the kids might actually wish for. Watch below.

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Source: IndieWire film