March 26, 2017

‘A Brief History of Hollywood Whitewashing’ Video Traces Controversy Before ‘Ghost in the Shell’ — Watch

Scarlett Johansson’s role as The Major in “Ghost in the Shell” has faced nonstop controversy, as some fans have accused the film of whitewashing by casting a white actress to portray a previously Japanese character. A new Fandor video by LJ Frezza briefly explores the history of whitewashing prior to this film through some particularly egregious examples, including “Aloha,” “Speed Racer,” “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” “Doctor Strange,” “The Last Airbender,” and “Dragonball Evolution.” The video essay also compares and contrasts the different types of whitewashing exhibited through the variety of titles.

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“Ghost in the Shell” director Rupert Sanders has defended the role and dismissed the Johansson casting controversy.

“I think whenever you cast someone, someone’s going to be critical about it,” he said. “To me it was, you know, I stand by my decision — she’s the best actress of her generation and I was flattered and honored that she would be in this film. So many people who were around the original anime have been vehemently in support of her because she’s incredible and there are very few like her.”

Watch the Fandor video below:

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Source: IndieWire film