March 20, 2017

Why the 'Baby Driver' Marketing Team Cut a 9:16 Trailer for SXSW

Edgar Wright’s new movie trailer launched at SXSW, and it was vertical.

“The only consistent thing in our business is change,” said Elias Plishner, in charge of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver for the Sony Pictures Entertainment team. “Everything we are talking about here [in Austin], we weren’t talking about last year at SXSW.”

Sitting on SXSW panel Opening a Film in a Mobile World along with Facebook’s Beverly Atkins, Plishner explained the motivations for experimenting with the trailer on the eve of Baby Driver‘s SXSW world premiere. For Plishner, the entire marketing build-up of the film’s premiere was centered on the trailer release.

The film won’t be in theaters for another five months. To generate buzz, they created three versions of the trailer: one in traditional 16:9, another in 1:1, and the last in 9:16. The reason? 80-90% of viewers the trailer targets will be viewing it on mobile.

A tale of two (or three) trailers

Here is the horizontal version of the Baby Driver trailer that went live after the world premiere:

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Source: NoFilmSchool