March 20, 2017

REVIEW: Sigma Offers Cinema Zooms for Indie Prices

With the two new sub-$4000 Cine Zooms, Sigma has released extremely well designed glass, with both an ergonomic feel and the capacity to produce stunning images. Who cares if they aren’t perfectly parfocal?

Sigma is a dominant force in the mass market still lens universe, and with their new Cine Zooms and Cine Primes they are making a move for the cinema marketplace. While the Cine Zooms are based on their still lens designs and are not custom-designed from scratch for motion work, they are still impressive lenses, and it’s clear that the company has taken the needs of filmmakers seriously.

In this review, we looked at the lenses both as a likely affordable rental option, but also a realistic purchase item for many independent filmmakers.

[Editor’s Note: Sigma loaned us a set of both zooms for testing and review.]

Build quality

The Cine Zooms are serious lenses. The building and construction are clearly meant to withstand frequent use, with barrels that feel solid, robust teeth, and an overall quality that inspires confidence.

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Source: NoFilmSchool