March 5, 2017

Rose McGowan Composed an Alternative National Anthem Called ‘Planet 9’ — Listen

Dazed recently asked 12 different artists to compose alternative national anthems, Rose McGowan among them. The actress, director and singer responded to that call to action with the spoken-word piece “Planet 9,” a feminist anthem she describes as a “new place where we are all safe and loved.” Listen below.

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Here’s McGowan’s statement about her song: “I feel like women have not been able to properly mourn what it means to lose to this man and all men, continually. This one feels particularly vicious, but what he’s about is what we’ve been saying all along. The system is rigged against women. I wanted to give voice to our emotions and thoughts. I’ve spoken to so many women about how we are not represented in the media in the aftermath of the election.

“Trans bathrooms, while important, get more coverage than the systematic dismantling of Roe v. Wade which will directly affect women by literally killing us. So, here it is, my national anthem. Planet 9 for a new place where we are all safe and loved, but we must fight for this place. Our lives depend on it. I ask that when people listen, they do so with their eyes shut. Listening twice is also recommended.”

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McGowan currently stars on “Chosen” and will next be seen in the film “Lower Bay.” Listen to all 12 new anthems here.

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Source: IndieWire film