March 4, 2017

Watch: Here's a Nifty Trick to Instantly Turn Any Lens into a Macro Lens

If you need to get some extreme close ups, don’t buy an expensive macro lens until you try this little trick.

Getting close, and I mean really close, to a subject requires a macro lens. The problem with that is these kinds of lenses tend to cost a pretty penny if they’re high-end, which may not seem like a reasonable investment if you only need to get a few extreme close ups for your film. But, you may not have to; you might be able to shoot some macro shots for free without having to buy a new lens. In this episode of Indy Mogul’s series Saturday Morning Special, cinematographer JP Caldeano, also known as Cinematic J on YouTube, shows you how to turn any lens into a macro lens using this super simple trick.

Let’s end the suspense. The trick is to turn your damn lens around! If you’ve been in the film/photography business for some time, you’re probably familiar with this technique, but for those of you who are just starting out, this might be the revelation that changes your cinematographic approach from here on out. (Maybe I’m overselling it a little…)

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Source: NoFilmSchool