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    Create Unusual Satellite Doodles With Google’s New Experiment

    February 21, 2017

February 21, 2017

Create Unusual Satellite Doodles With Google’s New Experiment

The planet that we live on is such a beautiful and fantastic place. There are so many different patterns covering the globe that if you were to look at it from a distance, no two places would look alike and almost every pattern imaginable already exists. That’s where Land Lines, the latest Google Chrome Experiment, steps in.

Google’s Land Lines app gives users the abilities to create fascinating doodles using satellite imagery. With two available options, users can either draw out any line they want and Google will match their line to a corresponding image of someplace on earth or, with the app’s drag function, Google dynamically matches up patchwork images corresponding to a continuous line the user draws. The tiles may be images of rivers in Italy to a road in Milwaukee, but when put together, the final image is an “infinite line of connected rivers, highways, and coastlines,” according to the site page.

google land lines

The app is fun, a great time killer, and is surprisingly very responsive considering all the data it needs to analyze in order to return the proper satellite image.

Make your own satellite doodle here and be sure to check out Google’s other Chrome Experiments.

[Via: Co.Design]

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