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    Find Some Of The Best Color Combinations From This Twitter Account

    January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017

Find Some Of The Best Color Combinations From This Twitter Account

Selecting the perfect color combination is extremely important when creating a new design or devising the right tone of a piece. It’s also quite difficult since you’ve got to understand color theory and have some type of artistic sense. But one Twitter bot account, @colorschemez, is composing striking color combinations based on an algorithm.

Three colors are chosen at random and and joined together in a square image. Although some color combinations are atrocious, others are quite enjoyable and nice to look at. The names chosen for the combinations are also created by an algorithm that randomly selects adjectives, making them entertaining as well.

The genius who built the bot is Los Angeles Times’ graphics editor Joe Fox. Inspired by “The Dress” meme that went viral back in February 2015, the original version of the bot only paired two colors together and had few followers. It wasn’t until the current was created that the Twitter account began to gain popularity.

The algorithm works by picking three colors from xkcd’s 2010 color-naming survey, which asked 222,500 participants to name 5 million colors in their own terms, i.e., “purpleish.” With the chosen colors, Fox then programmed the bot to modify the color names even further by selecting a few words from a collection of 8,000 adjectives.

You can see some of the bots color combinations below:


[Via: Co.Design]
Source: Visual News


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